200 companies to participate in Northeast Build and Wood Expo

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The Northeast Build and Wood Expo is back again with its second edition

Guwahati: Over 200 companies relating to construction will take part at the builder’s extravaganza in Guwahati. The second edition of Northeast Build and Wood Expo will start at the Maniram Dewan Trade Centre from September 29 to October 2. 

The event aims to showcase innovation featuring over 300 leading brands unveiling their latest products, cutting edge machinery and groundbreaking technological advancement.

The organizing company Eventage Trade Fair and Events Private Limited at a press meet discussed the minutes of the event on Wednesday at Daaysco Oley Allo hotel here. Sameer Kumar Niraj, Director of Eventage Trade Fair and Events Private Limited, Chirag Tyagi, Project Manager, Northeast Build and Wood Expo, Kushal Jain from R. K Materials Channel Partners for Prominence, the title sponsor, Ankur Sarda from NIID ( Institute of Interior Designing and Insitutional Partner, Vijay Kumar Saraf, President of Builder Association of India attended.

Niraj informed to media that around 200 companies will take part in the second edition. “The show is all about bringing in new technologies in the field of construction,” said Niraj. He further stated that industries from Northeast India will get an opportunity to witness all the display live at the show. They can also discuss their requirements.

This year they are expecting around 10,000 visitors. Last year, the footfall was as high as 7000 to 8000.

Some of the leading participating companies included Tata Steel, H. K Sagar, Nezone, Gandhi Aotomations, Sany,Automatio, CAT, Duraroof, Shyam Steel, Mahindra, Austin Plywood, Black Cobra, Perfect Machines, Kalyan Industries, Kerovit by  Kazaria, Dyna Roof, Bosch, Sagar Roofing, Stanley and many more.

The event plans to bring under one roof 10000 Industry Experts from across the region, 8000 innovative products on display.

The attendees will have opportunities to explore and engage with the industry’s latest advancements in the field of architechture, building, construction, interior design, engineering, woodworking machinery, furniture production techniques and wood panel industry.

The 2nd edition will bring in industry professional, top decision makers, architects, interior designers, builders, contractors, furniture and wood related product manufacturers, traders, retailers, dealers, distributors, potential buyers, investors and various other vital stakeholders from the building construction and wood panel industry. 

The show is officially supported by Builders Association of India, National Small Industries Corporation, Assam Trade Promotion Organisation, National Highways and Infrastructure Development Corporation, Hardware Association of Guwahati.

Before this event they conducted a roadshows in all the northeastern states. They reached out to all dealers ,distributors and traders who are associated with this market.

Ankur Sarda from NIID, the institutional partner of the event said that there is lot of scope in northeast India, But there is still lack of good materials and companies participating, There are so many things that is not happening in Guwahati but happening in other parts of India,. So, this exhibition will give many opportunities to explore.

The President of Builders Association of India that in this expo every kind of person can go and take ideas and all. He further said that as Assam is now developing very fast so many kinds of innovation and technologically advanced things and ideas can be visible here.

Business Northeast asked Sameer as what steps are being taken to bring products that is northeast friendly products. He replied that everyone is displaying their own technology and the advancement in the construction sector. They have brought in new sustainable products which will be introduced in the show. Those are very ecofriendly. Their motive is to bring in latest technology. It, however, does not latest machines. That is of course there.  But they promote innovation and ecofriendly products.

Business Northeast asked that what construction bye-laws they think are necessary for the state and reason. “There are some basic requirements like a good home for all.”

It was discussed that are there bringing in affordable housing solution, they informed that there are lot of companies from the PEB ( Pre Engineered building). One can relocate the entire prefabricated house to a new location.” PEB is something required by Northeast India” he said.

A query was made to the Ankur Sarda from NIID ( Institute of Interior Designing) the institutional partner of Northeast Build and Wood Expo, who informed that on October 1, they are organizing a Conference called EConvergence 2023: Uniting Sustainable Design, Architecture and Construction. The conference will be on interior architecture at Maniram Dewan Trade Centre.  He informed that designing depends on people and their capacity. Some people accept model designer, some take temporary design while some others accept traditional design too. Design is all about creativity. He informed that RCC may not be the only choice. Many new concepts are coming in the region. 

It was discussed that there will be importance to eco-friendly homes in this expo, so exactly it means? He informed that the materials used in these home does not harm the environment. These are sustainable products. There are many kinds of materials linked to it. Earlier such materials for construction were not available. These concepts and awareness were already popular across the globe. But awareness is now increasing in the northeastern region. These homes will be able to sustain natural disasters like earthquake, flood, and natural disasters.

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