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5G users will be around 690 million in India by 2028

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Guwahati: There will be more than 690 million users of 5G in India by 2028, more than 50 per cent of total subscriptions in the country, a report pointed out.

As telecom providers like Jio and Airtel continue to roll out 5G services across the country, an estimate showed that more than 31 million mobile users will have 5G connection by the end of 2023.

Average data traffic per smartphone in the country is projected to grow from 25GB per month in 2022 to around 54 GB per month in 2028, according to the latest ‘Ericsson Mobility Report’.

The smartphone subscriptions in India as a percentage of total mobile subscriptions are expected to grow from 77 per cent this year to 94 per cent in 2028.

4G subscriptions are expected to peak in India in 2024 at around 930 million, and from there, will decline to an estimated 570 million by the year 2028, the report mentioned.

The average data traffic per smartphone in the India region is the highest globally at the moment.

Total mobile data traffic in the India region is estimated to grow from 18 EB per month in 2022 to 53 exabyte (EB) per month in 2028, growing at a CAGR of 19 per cent, said the report.

Global 5G subscriptions remain on track to top one billion by the end of this year, and five billion by the end of 2028, despite current and developing economic challenges in many parts of the world.

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