A new programme to encourage pumpkin farming has been launched

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Nalbari: The harvesting and selling of pumpkins at the Birina Krishi Pam of Majusiral village in Nalbari district were formally inaugurated on Tuesday by Deputy Commissioner of Nalbari Gitimoni Phukan.

Six local teenagers, led by progressive farmer Saidur Rahman, established the farm. The harvesting process was started by the Deputy Commissioner choosing a pumpkin from the field. A small meeting was organized at the pumpkin farm to commemorate the event.

Dr. Mridul Deka, Associate Dean of Horticulture College at Assam Agriculture University (AAU), claimed that off-season pumpkin growing in the Nalbari area has sparked a pumpkin revolution in the state.

He said that the off-season pumpkin methods used by farmers in the region are now widely used by growers across the state. Dr. Deka praised Rah man’s efforts for a large crop of delicious pumpkins. He stated that the Agriculture Department and the Nalbari KVK have been providing all sorts of assistance to Nalbari district farmers in order to achieve bumper pumpkin output. He promised farmers that he would assist them in growing pumpkins in whatever way he could.

Jogeswar Rajmedhi and Kumud Haloi, both Agriculture Department employees, Dr. Manasi Chakravarty, scientist of Nalbari KVK, and Homeswar Mazumdar, subject matter specialist of KVK, were among those who attended the meeting.

Dr. Mridul Deka, a famous agricultural scientist, told this correspondent that approximately 500 farmers in the Nalbari district are growing pumpkins. The KVK is assisting those potential farmers with technical assistance.

It should be noted that for the past few years, farmer Saidur Rahman has been producing pumpkin in an area of 40 bighas on the Pagladia river’s bank. He did, however, create the Birina Krishi Pam with five other educated teenagers from the area this time. Utpal Bhagawati, Mrinal Kumar Sharma, Denal Boro, Binoy Boro, and Heman ta Boro are the youths. The farm sold around 70 quintals of pumpkins on the first day.