APEDA signs clearance on Kerala’s first export consignment of value-added products

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New Delhi: The Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA) facilitated the export to Melbourne, Australia, of the first consignment of value-added and nutrient-rich products generated from Jackfruit, Passion fruit, and Nutmeg (Jaiphal) sourced from farmers in Thrissur, Kerala.

The shelf life of these goods is over a year. As part of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s goal of $ 400 billion in merchandise exports by 2021-22, APEDA is encouraging the export of value-added and health items.

The virtual flag-off event was attended by Dr. M Angamuthu, Chairman of APEDA and TV Subhash, Director of Agriculture, Kerala, Exporter, and Importer, as well as other APEDA officials.

Consumer preferences are changing away from quick food in the present fast-food age. Gluten-free goods made from nutritious ingredients such as jackfruit and passion fruit are a potential alternative to fast food consumption.

The Jackfruit, which originates in the Western Ghats, was named Kerala’s state fruit in March of 2018. Fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals abound in the world’s biggest tree-borne fruit. Because of its high protein content, the tropical fruit is a popular meat replacement among vegans. Jackfruit leaves, bark, inflorescence, and latex are also utilized in traditional remedies, in addition to the fruit, seed, and pulp.

With increased awareness of the fruit’s health and nutritional characteristics, as well as the tireless efforts of Jackfruit growers and entrepreneurs across the country, the Jackfruit is expected to become the most sought-after fruit in the future years. Singapore, Nepal, Qatar, Germany, and other important export destinations for Jackfruit.

Passion fruit is a high-fiber, antioxidant-rich tropical fruit. It’s a nutritious fruit that’s good for the skin, eyes, and immune system.

There are tremendous prospects for growing exports of its new goods because of the richness, large market potential, and limitless amount of advantages that these fruits give.