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Assam boy builds fastest 3D modelling technology engine

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Do you need 3D-printed Charlie Chaplin figurines?

Contact Harsha P Deka of My3dMeta which is building the world’s fastest 3D modelling Technology Engine that will empower the creation of 3D assets.

The company is making cutting-edge progress in 3D modelling with the aim to enable humans to freely express themselves by enabling the creation of 3D characters, 3D NFTs, 3D digital humans, 3D objects as well as realistic and funky avatars.


“It was around 2010 when I got a call that my best friend passed away and then I wanted to give the family a 3d model of him. In 2010/11 it was not possible- I looked for a lot of services at that time but it was not feasible to convert a 2d image into a realistic 3d model. In 2015, I saw those 3d scanners in the US and asked the owner what are those for and he said the 3d scanning machine creates a 3d scan of the human followed by clean up and refining to create the correct 3d model which is then sent to a 3d printer and the final output is 3d printed figurine.

It immediately reminded me of how I tried to create a replica 3d model from a photo. I asked the owner if it is possible to do it from a photograph. He said it is not feasible. And that’s when I did a lot of research and understood that it can take 100s of hours to achieve even 60 percent accuracy.

And that’s a big problem as it is not scalable and 3d models are used everywhere -animation, gaming and now metaverse. In order to reduce time to create 3d models, we need to train data sets using ML and for that we need a lot of 3d models. That’s how My3dmeta was born. We first started selling 3D printed figurines to end consumers” Harsha told BusinessNortheast.

The mission of My3dMeta has been to provide Phygital identity that allows people to celebrate important moments in their lives. With the increased use of 3D in gaming, digital humans, NFTs & advent of metaverse & Web 3.0, they create cutting-edge progress in 3D modelling with the aim to enable humans to freely express themselves.

The company is building an indispensable patent pending tech platform that empowers both consumers and businesses in creating 3D Models of characters, accessories , objects, 3D NFTs as well as super realistic, life-like, and accurate next generation avatars for humans & pets in real time and fraction of cost for the gaming, animation, 3d printing, web 3 and metaverse space. “I lived in Canada for 14 years. I left Assam when I was 17+ and came back to do something for my native land,” he said.

He found Myware Solutions Inc. in Canada in 2011. After successfully completing services projects in top firms, he invested his wealth to start his first product company BarterBooksOnline. Later he founded BBOescape which became one of the top 100 start-ups in Canada in less than 6 months.

The company has just secured an investment of over Rs.10.5 cr from Dholakia Ventures, AccelNest, Karn Nagpal, Badri Raghavan, IIT-IIM Angels, Hyderabad Angels, Chennai Angels, and others. MY3DMeta plans to utilise the fund for building tech, IP, and business development.

With the latest fundraising, the company’s total fundraising has touched Rs 25 crore. The Startup completed a Pre-series round led by NEDFi Ventures in 2021. Back in 2020, IIM Calcutta Innovation Park (IIMCIP) had provided seed capital of Rs 50 lakh to the Start up to aid its efforts to build technology.

The startup was incubated under IIM Calcutta Innovation Park. “Over the last 6 years, we have been building our database of 3d assets. We now have the largest database of 3d models of humans, pets, and a massive database of objects. My3DMeta is currently leveraging its large database and designers’ intuition in building a very powerful patent-pending ML platform to create, edit, store, manage, deploy, and distribute a plethora of realistic high-fidelity 3D models of humans, objects and characters created from any photo or just a description in natural language in real-time which can work on animation, gaming, web3, and the metaverse. The platform will even generate AAA characters for AAA games in real-time” he said.

The company has filed multiple patents across the technology in multiple countries. We are filing several more patents around the technology in 7 countries.

He clarifies that the primary focus is not a 3d selfie. “We started with 3d selfie to build a massive database of 3d models and currently we have the world’s largest library of human and pet models” he said.

The company’s clients range from Sony, McDonalds, Premier League, Henkel, and have licences from Charlie Chaplin family , Bob Ross and Mohan Babu.

“Our products are sold in more than 43 countries but not in India” he says. The company’s head office is in Guwahati and the tech and management is in Bengaluru in India with a subsidiary in the USA.

The market size will be USD 100 billion by 2030. We are also in the middle of a bigger round of funding from a few prolific investors.

“The company’s aim is to be the market leader of any 3d model production for the metaverse , gaming and animation in the world. As a founder I also envision to empower the North East with the latest technology and the metaverse and create massive job opportunities in the state” he said.

The office in Guwahati has around 45 people and around more than 20 in the rest of the world. “I am talking of creating jobs in the north eastern part of India with the latest technologies.

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