Assam CM reviewed Infrastructure Development Work of Sankardeva Prokalpa at Batadroba Than

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Nagaon Assam: An innovative and development-based work of ‘Monikut’ ‘Kirton Ghor’ and ‘Natghor’ of “Batadroba Than” was inaugurated by the Chief Minister of Assam on 21 July 2021.

A slew of private sector commercial institutions and business establishments, including Rajdhani Marbles and Pride East Entertainment Private Limited, has initiated the funding for the development work of Batadroba Than as a mark of goodwill.

During the CM’s visit to the historic than, other infrastructure and stocks regard to the development of the historic Than, along with the construction work of the proposed ‘Sankardeva Prokalpa’ at the nearby evicted land were reviewed.

The CM’s trip to the than was accompanied by his wife, Riniki Bhuyan Sarma, LAC Sibamoni Bora, Congress MLA of Batadroba Than, former minister Gautam Bora, former BJP MLA Angoorlata Deka, Deputy Commissioner Kavitha Padmanabham, Police Superintendent Anand Mishra, and other officials from the Public Works Department.