Assam tea industry flourishes despite challenges

Sweata Das

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Guwahati: In the ever-evolving landscape of the Assam tea industry, the sales statistics for the fiscal year 2023-2024 painted a picture of resilience and growth across various segments, data accessed by Business North East showed.

In the CTC Tea Segment, Assam Valley emerged as a dominant force, with sales accounting for 35.6% of the lots offered. Cachar and Meghalaya also showcased impressive performance, reflecting strong market demand.

In the Dust Tea Segment, Assam Valley maintained its reign with an outstanding 40.4% out rate, while Cachar and Tripura surpassed expectations, indicating robust consumer interest.

In the Green Tea segment, Arunachal stood out with growth potential, while Assam Valley maintained a commendable presence, highlighting diverse offerings.

In the Orthodox Tea Segment, despite challenges, Assam Valley maintained a respectable 16.0% out rate, emphasizing commitment to tradition and quality. In the Orthodox Dust Segment, Assam Valley demonstrates steady performance, reflecting sustained demand for its products.

In the preceding fiscal year 2022-2023, total tea sales was 101,646,614 kg for CTC, 38,315,265 kg for Dust, 16,569 kg for Green Tea, 2,860,987 kg for Orthodox Leaf and114,688.7 kg for Orthodox Dust.

The auction for the FY22-23 too saw varied prices across segments highest prices in the CTC at Rs 442.5 (Hookhmol), Dust at Rs 389.18 (Hookhmol), Orthodox Leaf at Rs 56,000 (Mahabirbari), Orthodox Dust at Rs 131.42 (Hingarajan), Green Tea at Rs 328.94 (Hatidubi) and lowest Prices in the CTC at Rs 81 (Madhupee), Dust at Rs 78.42 (Madhupee), Orthodox Leaf at Rs 133.03 (Tippuk Higrown), Orthodox Dust at Rs 71 (Pushpak), Green Tea at Rs 175 (Fatemabad).

According to a official from Guwahati Tea Auction Centre, the projected revenue for FY 2023-24 estimated for CTC is Rs 1,967.33 crores, Dust is Rs 748.25 crores, Green Tea is Rs 1.65 crores, Orthodox Leaf is Rs 64.99 crores and, Orthodox Dust is Rs 0.80 crores. Hence the projected total revenue for FY 2023-24 is Rs 2,783.02 crores.

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Sweata Das