ASTC bike taxis to compete with private players on Assam roads

Priyanka Chakrabarty

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Guwahati: After sniffing success with its cab service, the Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC) is eyeing the two-wheeler taxi sector dominated by Karnataka-headquartered ‘Rapido.’

“Customers will soon be able to install our Baayu App to summon bike taxis”, an ASTC official disclosed to Business North East.

The app, however, is not yet available in stores and the state government owned corporation is in talks with the government to pave the way for the two-wheeler service. “We will announce dates of launch once we make headway with the talks”, the official informed this outlet. 

“Our bike taxis are planned to serve the commuters well minus the challenges commuters face while using in Rapido and other bike services”, the official said, adding that they will also deliver goods, food items etc.

The ASTC launched its taxi service in July, 2023. “Guwahati is aware of ASTC cabs because of its efficiency, low cost and quality services”, an official has asserted.

The project, seen as a counter to the market duopoly of OLA and Uber, was initially projected to have a fleet of 50,000 cabs, making it a formidable competitor.

Rahul Chandra Das, the managing director of ASTC, said that 35,000 cabs were enrolled in the ASTC’s cab service by November.

The ASTC was constituted under State Road Transport Corporation Act 1950 in order to provide adequate, economic and dependable public transport service to citizens.

Last month, the corporation joined hands with PhonePe for digital payment solutions through Unified Payment Interface (UPI), amid efforts make public transportation hassle-free in Guwahati, the state capital.

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Priyanka Chakrabarty