Auto Major, Tata Motors to develop small electric commercial vehicles

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New Delhi: Tata Motors is working to develop a range of small electric commercial vehicles to cater to the last-mile distribution of goods, a senior company official said today.

The auto major, which has already supplied over nine cities in the country, is in talks with a few e-commerce players and captive customers for the supply of electric products.

“Going forward, the segment which is going to see electrification is the last-mile distribution. It would be serviced by small commercial vehicles.

“Here we are in touch with a few e-commerce players and some captive customers, and they are quite open to looking at holistic solutions which can600 electric buses to Last-mile distribution move their last-mile distribution to zero emissions,” Tata Motors Executive Director Girish Wagh said.

The auto major today unveiled 21 new commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, and small commercial vehicles.

Wagh noted that the company has been in talks with partners to develop the electric products for the last-mile deliveries.

“We have been talking to them and while in the background developing vehicles for this purpose. We are also working on what kind of charging infrastructure should be put in place, what kind of financing needs to be there and what kind of support be provided to ensure that the solution becomes holistic and sustainable,” Wagh said.