BPCL launches PFS Next-Gen Ros in Guwahati

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Guwahati: Privatisation-bound oil and gas PSU Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd organized an event on Monday at BPCL flagship retail outlet (RO) M/s Kamakhya Energy Point, Bhetapara, to mark the launch of its Pure for Sure (PFS) Next-Gen ROs in Guwahati.

In keeping with today’s technology-driven world, BPCL has taken major initiatives to bring a technological change in the way petrol pumps are operated and how the customers experience while refueling vehicles at petrol pumps. New innovative systems In like IRIS, IPS (Integrated Payment System), EM Lock, UFill, and Smart Drive have been introduced to empower both the dealers as well as customers, and further the company’s assurance on quality and quantity at BPCL petrol pumps, according to a BPCL press release.

Such petrol pumps have been given the tag of PFS Next-Gen ROs and Guwahati was one of the chosen few cities for the launch of such petrol pumps.