Bringing the taste of royalty, from Rajasthan - Guwahati "Virasat"

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Virasat- Taste of Royalty has been functioning as a multi-cuisine restaurant with a pinch of Rajasthan surrounding the interiors and serving as the specialty of Rajasthani Cuisine.

They are the first ones in Assam to serve Rajasthani cuisines to the people. The aim behind the restaurant, they believe is to bring out the royal taste of Rajasthani Cuisine to the people, to let the people from other parts of India get a taste of Rajasthan's ethnic dishes.

Virasat being a purely veg restaurant in the middle of Northeastern India attracts a lot of people and has a good footfall amid the covid-19.

The owners of Virasat have beautifully explained the story behind the restaurant.

Watch the full video out here and follow Virasat for the updates.

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