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Business trend of Kulhad sees drastic rise in Guwahati

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Business trend of Kulhad sees drastic rise in Guwahati.

As the kulhad tea trend continues in Guwahati, the sale of Kulhads have also increased. In every nook and corner of Guwahati there are tea stores selling kulhad tea which is not only attractive to the youngsters but is also sustainable.

The kulhad style tea is also providing income to many youngsters who are not willing to do traditional jobs and start something of their own. The kulhads in which we drink tea are basically clay cups and are made by local potters. The kulhads are procured from Maligaon, Amingaon and Silchar.

The potters not only make kulhads but along with it they also make pots, diyas and other clay products. Previously the clay cups or kulhads were made to order but since the demand of the product has increased, they are now readily available.

The cups can also be customised depending on the size and design of the tea shops. The cups are made to order but since the demand is high the cups are now readily available. The cups are sold at Rs 3 to Rs 6 depending on the size. The Kulhads are made of clay mixed with kattha (Catechu) which gives the cups their beautiful characteristic brick red colour.

However, the profit margin is very low as compared to the increased sales. The profit margin is just 10 percent of the total sales even though the kulhad tea is everywhere in the city.

“Even though our sales for kulhads have increased, our profit margin is not very much. Moreover, there are lots of wastages involved in the process of the making,” said Shyam who does pottery and sells clay products in Maligaon.

Overall the kulhad business in Guwahati does have increased significantly but the amount of money earned by the potters are still meagre.

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