Draft revised by Govt of India for direct selling sector

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New Delhi: A regulation draft for the selling sector has been proposed by the Government of India claiming it to be a progressive step for the selling industry to be properly recognized.
And India would soon be joining the regulation grid of countries in the selling industry, stated by the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA) while praising the concerning development.

According to the draft rules, direct selling companies are banned from promoting pyramid schemes or money circulation schemes and the violation will lead to a penalty for the same.

This draft will be a progressive step with the including of direct selling companies registrations as it will provide validation, said IDSA Vice – Chairman.

There are several other provisions under the draft rules, such as appointing a nodal contact person for 24×7 coordination with Law-enforcement agencies that will bring forth a positive change in the industry.

Moreover, companies like Amway, Oriflame are also in support of the draft rules proposed by the Indian Government in the direct selling sector.