‘Effortless luxury’: Guwahati now has a new destination for diamonds

Sweata Das

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Guwahati: Réia Diamonds, which is already a well-known brand across India, is now launching its line of products in Guwahati, the economic nerve centre of the Northeast.

“Réia is derived from the Spanish word for ‘queen’, creates minimalist, meaningful designs featuring stunning lab-grown diamonds”, Prapanjj SK Kota, CEO and founder of the company, informed Business North East.  According to Kota, their products add “effortless luxury” to a woman’s everyday life and are perfect for every occasion.

Lab-grown diamonds are diamonds that are produced in a controlled technological process. Unlike diamond simulants, synthetic diamonds are composed of the same material as naturally formed diamonds - pure carbon crystallized in an isotropic 3D form - and share identical chemical and physical properties.

Potential customers can also customize the diamonds, which will allow the customers to tell their stories through their jewellery, Kota underlined. The company has decided to expand its reach to Guwahati as its premium jewellery market is “underserved” despite its economic strength.

Jacob Mathew, co-founder and COO of the company noted that Reia’s offerings are “highly appealing and relevant” for the millennials and Gen Z in Guwahati as they “increasingly favour lab-grown diamond jewellery.”

Franchise partner Dipesh Saboo said he was “truly excited” to “see how seamlessly lab-grown diamonds could fit into the dynamic jewellery market of Guwahati.” Another franchise partner, Anisha Betala, asserted that lab-grown diamonds are the future and “Guwahati is ready for it.”

To commemorate the launch, Réia is offering a 10% discount on the diamond value of all its products, the company has said. Its Guwahati store is located on the 1st floor of the Bhola Mansion, HB Road, Fancy Bazar.

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Sweata Das