ESI Act Coverage Employees Under Municipal Corporation

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New Delhi:  Shri Santosh Gangwar ministry of labour and employment introduces in a formal public statement mentioning that to implementation of State Insurance Act,1948 (ESI Act ) coverage under working in casual and contractual employees working with Municipal Corporation. ESI  is a special scheme for the employees to provide financial protection in case of an untimely health-related eventuality. The scheme offers medical benefits, disability benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment allowance.

Central Government being the appropriate government under the  ESI Act, on 7th June the ministry of labour and employment issued intention notification Looking   For the casual workers and contractual workers in Delhi to provide ESI scheme.

A large number of casual and contractual workers mostly worked under municipal corporation/municipal council in different states and UTs in the country we get to see. These workers are ignored with facilities like regular employees have got and remained out of the social security net making a vulnerable lot. Keeping an eye on this, the labour of ministry said in the statement that all employees will be covered with the ESI scheme for better safety and security tomorrow.

The ministry of labour and employment further has not discussed anything more whether the pay will cut from their salary every month.

 The Ministry of Labour and Employment said that once ESI coverage is released by respective states and union territories, casual and contractual workers working with municipal bodies will be able to avail services and benefits of this scheme like maternity benefit, sickness benefit, disablement benefit, dependents benefit, funeral expenses, among others. Importantly these workers will be able to  avail medical through a vast network of ESI facilities i.e  160 hospitals and  over 15000 dispensaries all over the country