GMDA’s upcoming park to set a roar in city

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The park at Adabari is being developed by Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority and the Consultant Architects for the project is Rajkhowas Aarchi. The currently under-construction park is spread across an area of 8 Bigha 3 Katha in one of the busiest, densely constructed areas of the city of Guwahati. The area is well developed commercially and is a major hub of transportation with regular vehicles plying to other districts of Assam and other parts of the city. The park shall be an absolute source of rest and respite to the existing infrastructure of the area. It shall create healthy communities with active and passive play, and provide the extremely essential human connection to nature. The park, staying true to its function, shall play an important role in the urban landscape of the area and shall serve as a focal point for the surrounding community.

The park consists of several amenities that have been designed considering the need for a socially cohesive society in the commercially busy area of the city. The amenities provided in the park are aimed at promoting community wellness, clearing the air, providing a connection space for the residents of the area, encouraging outdoor activity in kids, improving property values in the area, conserving green and blue spaces, reducing urban crime born out of densely populated areas, lowering ambient temperatures, encouraging social and cultural activities and performances in the region, offering family and social bonding sites, and enhancing multisensory play as well as learning experiences for children.

Following are the amenities designed in the park:

OAT: The OAT can hold a capacity of 360 spectators at a time with facilities of green rooms for ladies and gents.

Meditation Court: The meditation court takes a round shape plan without any acute profile to stand true to its purpose. The court is designed with a cascading water wall, the water of which flows around the periphery of the hall to infuse a feeling of tranquillity.

Kiosk: These are enclosed clusters that shall provide respite to the visitors with seating provision.

Children Play Area: The children play area is zoned in multiple areas as per the activity and stride of the equipment for the best utilization of the space. Sit out provision with integrated green space has been introduced along the play area so as to monitor the children while the guardians sit back and watch.

Mural Artwork with Green Dais: This is a design feature that has a green dais and a free-standing wall. The whole element is a piece of art with the usage of murals and paints on it. This dais can hold small gatherings for quick interactive activities.

Entrance Sculpture: The pedestrian entry gate opens up to a green mound of contour which crowns a magnificent sculptural piece that shall be an abstract depiction of the purpose of the park.

Toilet Block: The toilet block for gents and ladies are placed at one of the corners of the park. The blocks are in symmetry to each other at a diagonal axis to the pedestrian entrance.

Fountains: Two numbers of fountains have been proposed, one at the centre of the sit-out space and the other at the meditation court.

Parking: Adequate two-wheeler and four-wheeler parking have been provided at the site.

Water Body: A water body has been designed in the park to retain the nature of the ground surface and the innate characteristic of the natural landscape.

With consideration to the existing scattered and random skyline of the area, the proposed structures have been designed in a subtle one-storied height. The existing topography of the site has been considered in which the existing water body has been retained to hold the runoff water of the site. The site has been visually divided in the middle through the pedestrian pathway which is flanked across in contrast with the blue hue of the water body and the green hue of the ground turf.

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