Guwahati airport witnesses rise in private flights compared to 2022

Priyanka Chakrabarty

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40 private planes are flying from Guwahati Airport; 4 private flights daily

Guwahati: The Guwahati International Airport has seen a rise in private and chartered flights since April, indicating the region's growth potential. The airport is operated by Guwahati International Airport Limited, a subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited.

It is found that the movement of over 610 private or chartered flights since April this year as activities of the government, business and others have increased considerably in comparison to those in the previous year.

The airport witnessed 186 non-scheduled flight movements in April, 114 in May, 72 in June, 46 in July, 47 in August and 144 in September, the Chief Airport Officer Utpal Baruah said

As many as 40 private planes are flying from Guwahati International Airport these days. Airports official informed Business North East that on an average there are four flights daily from the airport.

Some of the leading private players are like AR Airways, Aerocharter Services India Private Limited, Alchemist Airways Private Limited, Aryan Aviation Private Limited, Biman Bangladesh, Continuum Aviation Private Limited, Dhillon Aviation Private Limited, Eha Aviation Private Limited, Flaps Aviation Private Limited, Fly By Wire International private limited and many such.

The top flyers include industrialists, businessmen, politicians, celebrities from across India and other VVIPs.

The airport official said that the user development fees, landing and parking fees are applicable.

The popular routes taken are Delhi, Ranchi, Patna, Bagdogra International Airport, and Hyderabad.

It may be mentioned that the individual cost for domestic flights is Rs.426 and Rs. 561 for international flights. These are user development fees that is paid to the airport authorities that is collected from embarking passengers for the provision of passenger amenities, services and facilities. It will be used for the development, management, maintenance, operation, and expansion of facilities at the Airport.

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Priyanka Chakrabarty