India’s fuel sale boosts in the first half of June amid the ease of pandemic lockdown-

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New Delhi: With the arrival of June month this year, petrol sales jumped by 13 percent and diesel rose by 12 percent from the sales between June 1-15, from the compiled data of the retailers.

This is the first increase since March this year. The fuel consumption raised over this year despite the pandemic, although it has started easing the lockdown havoc gradually.

Consumption in May slumped to its lowest since August 2020, as the second wave of coronavirus again entered the nation fluctuating the fuel consumption monthly.

Many states with time have started opening their markets and malls approaching the normal timings to ease economic activity at a pace.

LPG sales were the only constant throughout the overall pandemic lockdown due to free supplies to the poor by the government, was down by  1.3 percent at 1.1 million tonnes month-on-month but was 14.6 percent higher than last year and 2.19 percent more than June 2019.

Diesel sales at 2.48 million tonnes during June 1-15 were however 7.5 percent lower than consumption in the same period last year and 21.4 percent lower than pre-Covid June 2019.

Similarly, petrol sales at 904,900 tonnes were 3.5 percent lower year-on-year and 20.7 percent lower than in June 2019.

And with the resume in airlines services full-fledged around the globe, jet fuel sales will start rising monthly.