Leave Policy Revised; Big Firms extends supports

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Firms are reshuffling their work calendars to execute more generous and flexible leave policies regarding health, medical emergencies hence providing financial support too.

When at this time, the second wave of the pandemic has a dangerous grip over the nation with severe effects like struggling to live the daily life even, the Indian companies are proving to be of greater benefits with a supportive hand for the employees.

Flipkart, Byjus, ed-tech firms, Swiggy have recently revised their leave policies during the pandemic crisis.
Flipkart has come up with covid care policies that grant employees 28 days paid leave or can apply for bereavement. And can request advance salaries for any medical emergencies, covering up vaccination cost and also arrange covid related services.

Meanwhile, Byjus have announced a 20-crore CEOs fund to arrange medical facilities for the employees.
Ed-tech firms too have arranged a leave policy to help their employees with paid leaves with other covid related facilities for employee’s family.

Even, Swiggy has developed the policy by granting four-day weak, launched covid shield with rest of the emergency facilities, and a vaccination drive is also set up. Swiggy says it will cover up any losses that occurred during this period.
And other companies like Oyo too have come up with four-day work in May & June. A revised policy is launched, asking “no questions, flexible infinite paid leave granted”.

A covid vaccination drive in partnership with Max Healthcare for Delhi-NCR is scheduled for a total of 500 members including their family members.

upGrade plans to establish oxygen concentrators in Mumbai, NCR, Bengaluru that will have extended support for employees and their family members.” Once can take as many as they want “. Says the Co-founder & MD Mayank Kumar.