Luxury Car sales boost amid Pandemic; India

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New Delhi: With the onset of the noble coronavirus pandemic, despite the losses by most of the industry, the automobile industry has seen a surge in its sales with an increased recovery rate.

Recently one of the luxury cars, Lamborghini, an Italian Luxury Carmaker Company has witnessed a rise in sales by 100 percent this year, 2021.

The Lamborghini has seen a surge of 20 percent in the orders by Indian Customers for the period of October 2020 to March 2021.
Further the Head of Lamborghini India, Sharad Agarwal stated the highest seller among the luxury segment this time.

Moreover, new launches of car models have been included which witnessed customers in mass increasing the sales at a higher rate even during the pandemic crisis.
And the demand stays up with sales.
With this, the automobile industry is quite sure that, they will gain momentum while the state unlocks phase has started slowly.
A positive boost is expected in the second half of this year 2021.