Meghalaya aims to become fruit-wine capital of the country

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Meghalaya: Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K. Sangma has outlined plans to promote a thriving ecosystem that integrates tourism, agriculture, entrepreneurship, and job creation by supporting local fruit winemakers in the state. During the launch of the North East Wine Incubation Centre in Shillong, he expressed his commitment to the fruit wine industry and explained the inspiration behind this initiative.

The North East Wine Incubation Centre, the first of its kind in the region, was inaugurated during the event in the presence of Agriculture Minister Ampareen Lyngdoh and Excise Minister Kyrmen Shylla. This center is expected to play a crucial role in promoting professional winemaking and packaging.

Chief Minister Sangma pledged support for the fruit wine industry in Meghalaya. He recognized the potential of locally made fruit wines and their capacity to contribute to the state's economy. The wine incubation center is expected to serve as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, allowing them to test and utilize machinery, encouraging innovation, and fostering economic growth through winemaking.

Sangma highlighted the synergy between tourism, agriculture, and job creation in this initiative. He believes that supporting the fruit wine industry can unlock dormant economic potential in Meghalaya.

The Chief Minister expressed his vision of making Meghalaya the fruit-wine capital of the country, emphasizing the state's unique potential in this sector.

Sangma assured stakeholders that licensing fees for winemakers would be nominal. Additionally, the government is working on streamlining the registration process to make it easier for local winemakers to access legal avenues for commercial winemaking.

The state government had previously amended the Meghalaya Excise Rules to legalize the production and sale of homemade wines under license. This move aimed to provide local winemakers with a legal pathway to engage in winemaking as a commercial venture.

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