Melinda French Gates to donate $1 billion to support women's rights

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New Delhi: Melinda French Gates, the renowned American philanthropist and ex-wife of Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, announced that she will be donating $1 billion over the next two years. As per reports, the money will be given to individuals and organisations working on behalf of women and families globally.

Notably, a portion of this sum will be allocated to support advocates championing reproductive rights in the United States. Earlier this month, French Gates announced that she would step down from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and vowed to focus on women and families. 

As a part of leaving the Gates Foundation, French Gates received $12 billion from Bill Gates for her philanthropy going forward. Additionally, French Gates has agreed to award $ 20 million to 12 individuals for distribution to nonprofit organisations of their choice by 2026. 

Notably, French Gates announced $690 million in commitments out of the promised $1 billion, which also includes an “open call” for applications that the organisation Lever for Change will administer this fall. French Gates said $250 million would be awarded to fund organisations working to improve women's mental and physical health globally.

Melinda French Gates is worth about $11 billion following her divorce from her husband Bill Gates in 2021.

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