Merchandise Exports in India reports a positive growth for July 2021

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New Delhi: The Merchandise exports of India in July rose to $35.43 billion, higher by 49.85 percent on a year-on-year basis.

In comparison to last year and its previous year’s exports during July, the exports this year rose by 35.05 percent.

During 2020, exports in July were $23.64 billion and $35.43 billion in July 2019.

Positive growth was exhibited by 49.85 percent between 2020-21 and 35.05 percent growth was exhibited for July 2021 comparer to July 2019.

Also, the Merchandise imports growth for July 2021 in India, increased by 62.99 percent on a year-on-year basis to $46.40 billion.

The non-petroleum and Non-gems and jewellery exports in July 2021 were $26.12 billion, recording a positive growth of 28.18 percent as compared to July 2020. And in comparison to 2019, 32.26 percent growth was exhibited a growth by the non-petroleum and Non-gems and jewellery exports.

More than one-third of YOY rise was recorded in merchandise export.

And besides that, the engineering goods, gems, jewellery, textiles and apparel, chemicals, and electronic goods also have acquired higher growth in July 2021, merchandise exports.

Source: IANS