World’s first & most sustainable bagless tea dip has got an investment of INR 2 Crores

Roopak Goswami

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A tea brand from Assam, “Woolah”, known for its revolutionary product TRUEDIPS which is the world’s first and most sustainable bagless tea dip has got an investment of INR 2 Crores ($260k) from Mumbai-based Gangwal Group which would help in promoting healthy tea habits along with reducing plastic footprint from the environment.

Truedips is considered the world’s first bagless tea dip in true whole-leaf form, just the way it’s plucked in the tea garden.

Woolah is looking to make TRUEDIPS available in the US, Middle East and Europe by year end via distribution partners and e-commerce marketplaces.

Woolah in Assamese language means happiness, as the founders wanted to create "the happiest tea experience" as well as the happiest value chain in the world of tea.

TrueDips is zero Micro-plastic, zero pesticide, zero additive, zero tea dust, and zero broken tea leaves making it the most exciting tea experience money can buy.

Woolah is backed by Assam Agri Growth Lab by CIIE. Co (IIM A) & Assam Startup (IIM C) and has received a grant from Numaligarh Refinery Limited through the NRL Ideation program.

Gangwal Group says it has made a sizeable investment to help ensure its continued success and to spread awareness of the company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation.

" With this assistance, Woolah founded by Upamanyu Borkakoty and Anshuman Bharali will be well on its way to becoming the first bagless tea brand" a statement from Gangwal Group said.

The company says by investing in a fresh sustainable brand worldwide, they are further taking off the ground with an innovative and truest form of natural tea consumption.

"This move made by the brand traces its commitment to providing a better and plastic-free way to brew an exotic true dip, which in turn has a bearing on the significance of healthy absorption" the company says.

Shedding light on investing in a new brand, Anil Jain, owner of the Gangwal Group, said, “We have taken this step to cater to the health-conscious needs of all our consumers. We hope that with this innovative step, we can spread the word about how vital it is to use plastic-free true dips in one’s daily intake rather than those containing microplastics.

" We want to make people aware that what they consume shouldn’t be compromised simply because it’s convenient" Jain said.

"Through this investment, Woolah is aiming in expanding the markets to US, Europe and the Middle East, investing in R&D to develop future technologies and also scaling up production at the farm level to onboard more organic tea growers", Upamanyu Borkakoty one of the founders of Woolah Tea says.

"His Innovation is the core of Woolah, our endeavour is to develop teas for the future that are sustainable, green, safe to consume, amazing in taste and super convenient to brew."

"Micro-plastics in teabags have been a global problem and through Truedips we are not just helping the mindful consumers get rid of the toxic micro-plastics but also elevating the speciality tea experience from wholesome tea leaves" he said.

Roopak Goswami