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New E- filling portal launches on 7 June; Income Tax Department –

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A new e-filling portal (, will be launched on June 7, 2021, by the income tax department and the current e-filling portal, (, is made unavailable between June 1 to June 6, 2021.

In a tweet, the I-T department said, the new e-filling portal, more user-friendly, is redesigned to have several new features and enhancements. Stay Tuned! They are excited about the new design of the e-filling portal, to be launched on 7th June 2021.

While no one would be able to access the site from June 1-6, yet the excitement is seen in the eye of the Income Tax department, concerning the redesigning of the new website on 7th June 2021.

Latest features of the new income tax e-filing portal are:

1. New user-friendly interface will be integrated with the immediate processing of Income Tax Returns (ITRs) to provide taxpayers with prompt refunds.

2. All transactions, uploads, and pending actions will be shown on a single dashboard for the taxpayer to review and act on.

3. ITR preparation software is available for free both offline and online, including interactive questions to assist taxpayers in filing ITRS even if they have no prior tax experience, with pre-filling for minimal data entry work.

4.  New taxpayer support call center with FAQs, Tutorials, Videos, and other resources for rapid responses to taxpayer questions.

 5. Important desktop portal functionalities will be available on the mobile app, which will then be enabled for full mobile network access.

6. A new online tax payment system with several new payment options including net banking, UPI, RTGS, NEFT, and other modalities will be introduced on the new portal.

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