New hybrid watermelon and melon variety 'Saraswati' set to make waves in UP markets

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Lucknow: Farmers in Prayagraj have introduced a groundbreaking hybrid variety of watermelon and melon named 'Saraswati'. This unique variety, characterized by its smaller size and square shape, is poised to revolutionize the summer fruit market in Uttar Pradesh.

Unlike conventional watermelons, the Saraswati variety boasts a higher Total Solid Sugar (TSS) value, making it a tantalizing choice for fruit enthusiasts. Cultivated across approximately 1000 acres of land in Prayagraj, Kaushambhi, and Fatehpur districts, these watermelons and melons are nurtured using advanced mulch film cultivation techniques.

Notably, the Saraswati variety exhibits an array of vibrant colors, ranging from yellow exteriors with bright red interiors to green exteriors paired with yellow interiors, challenging traditional perceptions of watermelon aesthetics.

Agricultural expert Manoj Kumar Srivastava lauds the efforts of farmers, attributing the success of this hybrid variety to seeds imported from Taiwan. The compact size and appealing shapes of these watermelons and melons cater to the preferences of consumers nationwide, with TSS values reaching an impressive 14 to 15 percent.

Farmers who have embraced this innovative cultivation approach report significant profit margins, with potential earnings ranging from Rs 80,000 to Rs 90,000 per acre. The cultivation of the Saraswati variety extends across strategic locations such as trans-Ganga and Yamuna in Prayagraj, Mooratganj in Kaushambhi, and Khaga in Fatehpur district.

Excitingly, plans are underway to export the Saraswati variety to other states, signaling a promising future for UP's agricultural exports. With its unique attributes and economic viability, 'Saraswati' is poised to redefine the landscape of watermelon and melon cultivation in India. Stay tuned for more updates as this innovative variety makes its mark on the national stage.

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