Opinion: Why Assam's newer generations are embracing professional courses

Priyanka Chakrabarty

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Guwahati: With the Assam Higher Education Council (AHSEC), Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), and Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) declaring their results, the question on everybody's minds is: what kinds of courses will the pass-outs choose?

In previous years, students would go down the trodden path, choosing Arts, Science, or Commerce, with plans for specializations further down the road. However, it has been observed that only some students opt for general courses these days as the competition is even more fierce.

For Science students, engineering remains the first preference, Commerce students often opt for the potentially lucrative MBA degree. Many of the premier institutions offering an MBA have also introduced professional courses for a more specialized approach.

Business North East also spoke to many professionals who said they would prefer entrepreneurship over anything else. However, many of them came from 'traditional' backgrounds, including Engineering, Medicine, MBA, MPharm, Agriculture, Law, and Mass Communication.

"Professional courses are beneficial for professional growth as they provide specialized knowledge and skills related to a specific field or industry", a student from Guwahati told this platform. "They help professionals stay updated with the latest developments and trends, enabling them to acquire new skills or enhance existing ones."

Acquiring additional qualifications through professional courses can open doors to new career opportunities and advancement within an organization. Networking opportunities are also provided, allowing professionals to interact with peers and industry experts. Gaining new skills boosts confidence, adaptability, and flexibility, making professionals more attractive to employers and clients.

However, choosing courses that align with career goals and industry relevance is essential.

In the Northeast, some leading universities offering professional courses include the likes of IIT, IIM, Gauhati University, Tezpur University, Assam University, North East Hill University, and Dibrugarh University. However, many new universities, that are coming up in the region, are also offering these courses.

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Priyanka Chakrabarty