Payroll Data for EPFO rises during April 2021

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New Delhi: Amidst the second wave of coronavirus, EPFO stated a 13.73% increase in the net subscribers, for the month of April 2021.
A provisional payroll EPFO data published on 20th June 2021 added around 12.76 lakh net subscribers during April 2021. The re-joining in April 2021 has increased by 92,864 subscribers.

Around 6.89 lakh new members got added to the social security coverage of EPFO for the first time. With a change in their posts, around 5.86 lakh net exited subscribers re-joined EPFO within the establishments and choose to continue their membership through a transfer of funds.

The EPFO payroll data shows the highest net enrolment by the age group of 22-25 years with around 3.27 lakh additions during the month of April 2021, followed by another age group of 29-35 with around 2.72 lakh net enrolments. And the newcomers aged between 18-24 have contributed around 43.35% of total net subscriber additions in April 2021.

If compared state-wise, the payroll figures show an increase to 7.85 lakh subscribers in the other states, while the North-eastern States with an average surge in growth of net subscribers.
Gender-wise, the female category shared a 22% increase in net subscribers, while Industry-wise payroll data indicates that the ‘expert services’ category (consisting of manpower agencies, private security agencies, and small contractors, etc.) constitutes 45% of total subscribers added during the month.
Moreover, plastic products, beedi, schools, banks, and other establishments related to iron & steel sectors too registered above-average growth of net subscribers during the of April.

The EPFO payroll data is supposedly provisional since it keeps on updating on a month-to-month basis.