Price Rise Of Essential Commodities: Food minister Goyal asks officials to keep an eye.

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New Delhi 20th May:

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution government ministry of India Piyush Goyal on Wednesday directed officials of the departmentt of consumers to   collects data about the prices of all 22 essential commodities from 157 centres across the country of consumer affairs to further step-up monitoring of prices of essential commodities.

Food minister ask to keep an eye on price hike of essential commodities.
Goyal said that the provisions of the Essential Commodities (EC) Act may be enforced by the states if any miller, wholesaler or retailer tries to take undue advantages of covid 19.Ask to keep the prices stable and not to create a buffer for unusual price.

As per official data, retail price of gram increased to Rs 80/kg on May 14 from Rs 60/kg a year ago, tur rose to Rs 110/kg from Rs 90/kg, while urad to Rs 105/kg from Rs 100/kg and masoor dal to Rs 80/kg from Rs 72.50/kg.