Royal Global University: #1 leading University in Northeast India

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With the vision to add value to the education system of the state and to expand the reach of quality education to all sections of the society and contribute to the ever-rising concern of brain drain, Dr. Ashok Kumar Pansari a socio-entrepreneur and educationist envisioned the Royal Group of Institutions in 2009 with courses in Engineering and Management studies. After this, there was no looking back. The next year saw the expansion of the institution with more courses in the discipline of Commerce and Architectural studies. Over the years, the institution has produced students who have performed brilliantly in academics and have been successful in securing university positions.

The year 2013, saw another milestone in their contribution towards education to the region. Royal Group of Institutions (RGI) decided to upgrade to the university system and initiated the requisite process for this transition. Consequently, Royal Global Institutions (RGI) became ‘The Assam Royal Global University (RGU) under the University Act, Government of Assam. However giving time to mature further, it finally launched itself as a full-fledged functional university in the year 2017. Meanwhile, Royal Global School, a premium school, was established under the aegis of the Gyan Sagar Foundation in the year 2012.

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S.P. Singh, Royal Global University

Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S. P. Singh said that the university started flourishing immediately in the ‘self-finance mode.

Elaborating further, Dr. Singh informed that RGU, which is a state-private university governed by Gyan Sagar Foundation, has been backed by the Government of Assam in terms of receiving NOCs for different courses, maintenance of road and surrounding areas, maintaining law and order as and when required. He expresses his gratitude to the Govt. Of Assam for all the support provided in the smooth functioning of the university.

With the vision of RGU in mind, the University, within a span of 4 years, has expanded and at present offers over 130+programmes. It aspires to further expand by adding courses in the areas of para-medical sciences, geopolitics, environment, aviation, and other fields of science and humanities, etc in the next few years.

When asked about the infrastructure of RGU, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh said that RGU has always imbibed a technology-centric culture and it seeks to increase the students’ repertoire of skills and usage of adequate technology-based resources and programmes. The university also has an incubation centre, named Institution Innovation Centre, which started in the year 2019. The centre aims to create a praxis-based environment for the development of the industrial skills of the students. The centre regularly works towards establishing industrial tie-ups, field trips, and field-based study; as well as providing students with platforms for internships in the corporates & industries.

The Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh takes pride in the fact that the university is driven with a student-centric approach; along with high quality academic, RGU provide a holistic exposure to all its students; thereby helping them to transform into well-rounded, industry-ready individuals, who are equipped to take on leadership responsibilities.
When asked about the scholarship programmes, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh elaborated on the different scholarship schemes of RGU. He explained in detail the 100%, 50%, 25% scholarship schemes, which are provided at the time of admission to meritorious students, irrespective of their financial background, gender, or physical condition.. Prof. Singh added that the curriculum is such that it motivates and inspires the students towards professionalism and has so far produced bright and young talents of Northeast. RGU has, to its credit, successfully managed to conduct all its online classes and examinations on time despite the current derailing situation due to the pandemic.

He also enlightened us by mentioning that the university adopts a fair and transparent education and examination system, which is monitored continuously. Sir was very optimistic about the examination system and passing criteria of RGU which leads to a real evaluation of the students. In this system, the students with many back papers are not promoted to the next year and which helps only good students to progress in the future. The pedagogy followed is based on the Choice-Based-Credit-System which helps a student to not only study the course he/she has taken admission in but also can take up another discipline of their interest/hobby. This motivates students to progress well.

A university is a place of positive transition for all its students. To trigger each student to this realm of positive transformation, the university conducts a fifteen-day induction programme for all its newly admitted, first-semester students across all the disciplines. Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh, stated that this elaborate induction programme motivates the students to understand their new roles in the University system and crystallize their goals to achieve more in life. To further their holistic growth, life skill programs, ability enhancement courses, compulsory behavioural science, physical education, and the basket of creative courses like drama, dance, music, fashion designing are incorporated in the curriculum, mandatory for all the students of RGU. Special skill courses such as Java, C+, C++, AI, etc are also in-built in the academic syllabi. RGU emphasizes the importance of physical fitness & sports and the timetable has compulsory periods for fitness classes with designated trainers. Prof. Singh informed that the inter-university East Zone Lawn Tennis Championship for women was held in RGU in November 2019.

Taking the discussion forward on the aspects of the educational dimension of the university, we came to the discussion of the Ph.D. programme. To this, we came to learn that the Ph.D. program of RGU is exceptionally good because of its transparency and co-guiding system. Every research scholar is enrolled under two guides, supervisor 1, as Guide, from the university, and supervisor 2 as Co-Guide from any other reputed university. “I will not be wrong even if I state that it is the best in the entire Northeast region”, claimed the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor, Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh.
The university emphasizes on skill enhancement of its students. Students are encouraged to be part of organizing committees of various programmes like tech fests, cultural fests, literary fests, departmental programmes, etc. These events which are held at the institutional/
national/international level boosts the morale and confidence of the students thus enhances the overall growth of the ROYALites, as they are preferred to be addressed.

Prof. (Dr) S.P. Singh, also is of the opinion that the recent development of the North East, increase in GDP, and increase in high per capita income will lead to the overall growth of the area as well as of the educational institutions and students. He also added that the University has only seen laurels and accomplishments because it is grounded to the following virtues – firstly, maintaining transparency among its stakeholders, secondly – discipline in its work ethics, and thirdly- involving students in multi-dimensional and enriching field activities which enables them to utilize every resource available to them. He was also of the opinion that the academic environment and positive culture of the university will change in the education landscape not only of RGU but also other universities/institutions of the state and the country.

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