The Vision of Single Window System

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A BNE Exclusive with Shri Prasanta Phukan,

MLA, Dibrugarh, Chairman, AIDC

November 3rd, 2021, marked the appointments of many known faces as the Chairman of various Government bodies. Today, Business-Northeast brings forth, an exclusive insight, into the vision of Shri Prasanta Phukan, MLA, Dibrugarh, who has taken charge as the Chairman of Assam Industrial Development Corporation (AIDC).

Shri Prasanta Phukan, MLA, Dibrugarh, Chairman, AIDC

“Industrial growth is mandatory in the system. However, the simultaneous rise of Global warming is a hindrance to industrial growth. Both global climate change and industrialization are directly dependent on each other which is a big topic of discussion even in COP26 (26th UN Climate Change Conference) currently being held in Glasgow. Apart from that, the land is the most important part of setting up an industry. But having said that, we cannot push around the existing population and the agriculture they have set up for the sake of industries. What we can do is remove on-road obstacles for our industrialists by limiting the pyramid system and smoothening the process for a longer run.

Now even the potential industrialists are in an undefined mindset. A basic phenomenon is noticeable among such potential industrialists, wherein they are not able to make up their mind whether they should set up an industry or completely change their direction to some other business. But one thing is quite evident that without industries, a country cannot run. The finest example is the tremendous growth that has happened in Gujarat. Now it is our duty, to help people change their mindset and motivate them to invest and set up industries in Assam.

The only solution that can perhaps help in motivating these potential industrialists is a ‘Single Window System’. Ever since the launch of Ease of Doing Business by the State Govt., quite a lot of growth in the system is already seen. I envision the same for AIDC. So that, when a potential investor comes seeking help from us to set up an industry, then the person should get all required help from AIDC and thus does not have to keep visiting separate Govt. offices to get his proposal formalized.

For example, from providing a piece of land with full documents certified from the respective authorities be it the Circle Officer or DC, and giving a proper electricity connection for the required area, if everything can be done in AIDC itself, then I believe strongly that more and more people will be motivated to set up industries in Assam. Talks have already been of getting a Nodal Officer from APDCL and a Revenue Officer as well who can handle all such hurdles from within AIDC thus commemorating the whole thought of a ‘Single Window’ concept.

I will try my level best, to make sure these changes are done within my tenure at AIDC at the earliest, with the help of our AIDC team led by our very abled MD Shri Adil Khan, IAS. With this motto of making processes easier for our potential industrialists, I will continue my work with dedication at AIDC.”

Business-Northeast congratulates Mr. Phukan for being appointed as the Chairman of AIDC. We look forward to and wish Sir the very best for his vision getting formalized for the betterment of the state’s economy.

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