To safeguard their businesses from rivals, Indian firms have placed a large stake in CX innovation

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According to research conducted by Zendesk in collaboration with Enterprise Strategy Group, more Indian businesses are investing in customer experience (CX) as a method of growing their business than businesses in other Asia Pacific nations (ESG). In comparison to their peers in South Korea (67 %), Australia (65 %), Singapore (62 %), and Japan, the majority of Indian companies (88 %) have accelerated their CX projects in the lasT 12 months (37 %).

“Improving one’s client experience is important in today’s digital-first economy. In fact, our study with ESG shows that customer service has progressed from a cost centre to a revenue generator for organisations.

Indian companies who have realised this have made significant progress in developing their customer experience skills, and the results are showing. For long-term success and development, all organisations – regardless of industry, size, or life cycle – must continue to invest and innovate in customer experience,” said KT Prasad, MD & RVP, India & SAARC, Zendesk.

More than 3,400 CX decision-makers from around the world were polled for the 2021 State of CX Maturity Report, including 921 from APAC.

With 79 % agreeing that chat and social channels are the most used by consumers now and 100 % expecting this would be the case in the future, Indian companies top the world in their enthusiasm for a conversational future.
According to the study, the number of Champions in Asia Pacific’s midsized and enterprise firms has grown from 6% to 8% since 2020, with India (16%) and Australia (12%) having the largest proportion of Champions.

In APAC, the great majority of respondents (90%) think that CX innovation is necessary to defend their organisation from the competition. This attitude is shared by 97 % of India’s midrange and enterprise-sized businesses. In fact, three-quarters of them recognise CX innovation as a strategic necessity, substantially higher than their counterparts in South Korea (49%) Japan (45%) Singapore (42%), and Australia (42%). (41 % ).

“The findings show that during the pandemic, firms accelerated their implementation of new technology, policies, and procedures to benefit from a greater CX Maturity,” said Adam DeMattia, ESG’s Director of Custom Research. “Asia Pacific Champions understand that service excellence can be a differentiator, and they’re actively increasing their investment in CX projects.”

Support data is used by all Indian companies to improve sales prospects and business growth, which is the highest rate in the world.

In the previous year, larger APAC companies have also enhanced consumer visibility. Over three-quarters of bigger Indian companies (77 %) have better cross-channel visibility than their counterparts in Australia (36 %), Singapore (29 %), South Korea (23 %), and Japan (23 %) (17 % ). 64 % of Indian businesses believe they have made the proper CX investments to improve their future company resiliency.