Union Government identifies products & services of Nagaland as export potentials

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Nagaland: In Nagaland, overall 20 products and services from 12 districts have been identified as export potential.

It was an official statement from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India.

The products and services included handloom to foods to tourism and cement.

Across India, 735 districts have several products/ services likewise identified by the Union Government informed, Anupriya Patel, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India during the Lok Sabha on 28 July 2021.
According to the given data by the MoS, export potentials of orchids and gingers were highest with 10 identified districts, followed by Naga Mircha exported to 9 potential districts, pineapple in 5 districts, Anthurium, plant genus listed for 4 districts, Raja Mircha exported to London via Guwahati by air.

Further products including boulders, limestone, cement, handloom products, handicrafts products, tourism, medicinal herbs, traditional jewellery, flowers.

The products/services are being potentially identified for exports for all the districts of India as the Export Hubs, replied by Anupriya Patel.

The product identification plans include actions to support local manufacturers/ exporters, while addressing challenges for the products/services and reach potential buyers of India, improving supply chains, market accessibility, and hand-holding for increasing exports.

Moreover, to increase the growth of identified standards of the products, manufacturing the goods in standard will boost and reduce the dependence.
Also creating a conducive environment for exporters and manufacturers to compete internationally.