Vegetable prices surge in Assam straining household budgets

Kajol Singha

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Guwahati: The prices of vegetables, especially those brought from outside the state, have surged significantly in Guwahati, Business North East found after interacting with vendors and consumers both.

A rise in the prices of vegetables, a staple in daily cooking, can become a financial burden for many households due to the sudden price hike.

A vendor at Ganeshguri Market, who spoke to Business North East, highlighted that the prices of imported vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, beans, tomatoes, and broccoli have notably increased. "However, the prices of locally grown produce have remained relatively stable," he said.

The vendor pointed out that tomatoes have seen the steepest price rise, soaring from Rs 40 to Rs 100 per kilogram. "However, we, the vendors ourselves, are not aware why the prices are rising," he noted.

In May, the average cost of a home-cooked vegetarian meal in India surged 9% compared with 8% in April to hit a four-month high. Tomato, onion, and potato prices surged around 40% across India, while the inflation in rice and pulses remained firm, as per Crisil’s monthly tracker of food costs. Experts have cited the onset of monsoons as a probable reason for the price hike.

Guwahati residents, who spoke to this platform, complained that they are feeling the pinch as the cost of essential vegetables continues to climb, making it difficult for families to manage their household budgets. The situation calls for immediate attention as the high price of vegetables is becoming a significant problem for the common people. Meanwhile, fuel prices have also been rising in the city after the declaration of election results.

As per reports, the price of diesel in Guwahati on Tuesday is Rs 89.43 per liter, a small decrease from yesterday's cost of Rs 89.81. Prices have fluctuated during the previous 10 days, ranging from Rs 88.38 to Rs 89.81.

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Kajol Singha