WSYF Urged DMC To Check Price On Essential Commodities.

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To control the prices of all essential commodities and maintain the sale of each item at the correct price before June 11, 2021. Western Sumi Youth Front (WSYF) urged the Dimapur district administration and Dimapur Municipal Council (DMC)

WSYF through its media cell alleged that many traders in Dimapur, taking advantage of the lockdown, have resorted to selling various commodities at inflated prices,s especially essential commodities.

The youth body stated that the price of mustard oil (Neeraj), which used to be Rs 100 per litre, has increased to Rs 140 per litre, a litre of mustard oil (engine) increased to Rs. 180 from Rs. 130, rice (Parimol) increased to Rs 1170 per bag from Rs 900 per bag, rice (nice) increased to Rs. 1450 per bag from Rs. 1200 per bag and Naga dal increased to Rs 90 per kg from Rs 50-60 per kg.

 All other commodities like potato, dal, egg etc were being sold at exorbitant rates WSYF stated.

Asserting that the rise in prices of almost all commodities was taking place despite a strict directive by government authorities, the WSYF said that business bodies showed “utter disregard” to the authorities that issued such directives.

In this regard, the youth front has asked whether the authorities have deployed any mechanism to check prices of essential commodities in the market besides issuing the directives? Meanwhile, the Western Sumi Youth Front has cautioned that it would be compelled to deploy its volunteers “to check such inflation” if the responsible authorities failed to regulate and enforce the correct price.