Assam Governor highlights importance of the Indian Knowledge System at IIT-Guwahati event

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Guwahati: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Guwahati hosted the curtain-raiser ceremony for the International Conference on Unraveling Indian Knowledge Across Asia (UNIKAA 2024) on April 6, 2024. 

The event, organized by IIT Guwahati's Centre for Indian Knowledge Systems, celebrated Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems across ayurveda, medicine, heritage preservation, Gita philosophy, art, management, archaeology, and yoga. The event was attended by the Governor of Assam, Gulab Chand Kataria, and a host of other key dignitaries.

Kataria highlighted the importance of the Indian Knowledge System in positioning Bharat as a 'vishwa guru' (world teacher) and the pivotal role institutions like IIT Guwahati can play in this endeavor. He also highlighted the importance of the 'Bhartiya Gyan Parampara' in fostering character development and mental well-being.

Professor Uday S. Dixit, head of the centre for Indian Knowledge Systems at IIT Guwahati, emphasized the importance of traditional practices holding profound ancient wisdom that paves the path for prosperity in modern times. The curtain-raiser ceremony aimed to brainstorm and plan successfully for the grand conference scheduled from October 3-5.

Organizing Secretary Professor Lalit M. Pandey highlighted the topics of the conference and emphasized the significance of this conference. At the same time, Professor Poundarik concluded the ceremony with a vote of thanks.

The curtain raiser ceremony featured insightful lectures by prominent national and international speakers who explored various dimensions of ancient Indian knowledge, fostering diverse perspectives and enriching discussions. 

Notable presentations included Dr. Survokamal Dutta, foreign policy and economic political expert, who discussed "Ancient Bharatiya Knowledge and Its Influence over Asia," and Subhojyoti Ghosh from British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service, London, who examined "The Influence of Ancient Indian Knowledge and Wisdom on Britain's Educational System."

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