Assam small tea growers earn Rs 15 to Rs 38 per kg in last fiscal, account for over 47% of state's tea production

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Measures Taken to Ensure Fair Prices for Small Tea Growers; Average Price in 2023 Rises

Guwahati: Small tea growers in Assam, who contribute significantly to the state's tea production, earned prices ranging from Rs 15 to Rs 38 per kilogram during the last fiscal year, according to Industry, Commerce, and Public Enterprise Minister Bimal Borah. He shared this information during an Assembly session, highlighting that these small tea gardens constitute over 47 percent of the state's total tea production.

The Tea Board India reported that, as of March 31, 2023, there were 1,25,484 small tea growers in Assam. These growers collectively cultivate 1.17 lakh hectares of tea, contributing nearly 48 percent of the state's total tea output.

In the fiscal year 2022-23, green tea leaves produced by small growers fetched prices ranging from a minimum of Rs 15.83 per kg to a maximum of Rs 38.71 per kg, as per data from the Tea Board India.

During the current fiscal year (up to July), small tea growers have earned a minimum price of Rs 19.02 per kg for their green tea leaves, with the maximum price reaching Rs 36.59 per kg.

Minister Borah noted that the central government had established district-level committees, comprising the district commissioner, representatives of bought leaf factories, small tea growers, estate factories, and an official from the Tea Board. These committees were tasked with setting minimum prices for green tea leaves.

Additionally, a provision exists for determining the price of green tea leaves based on a price-sharing formula that takes into account tea produced by bought tea leaf factories and prices achieved during auctions.

Borah further mentioned that the average price for green tea leaves produced by small growers was Rs 24.56 per kg in 2022 and has risen to Rs 25.52 per kg in the current year so far.

These measures aim to ensure that small tea growers in Assam receive fair compensation for their contributions to the state's vital tea industry.

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