CNCCI urged to stop harassment On Essential Services Provider……

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 Confederation of Nagaland Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CNCCI) urge to stop harassment of essential goods service providers  which  made several suggestions on the state government to ensure .It must also ensure that the economy does not suffer on account in this period of lockdown .

CNCCI said the 2nd wave of COVID 19 current lockdown appears to have been imposed without working out details about implementation  and which caused harmful damaged to the state’s economy and business. General public including business community through media affairs said welcomed the lockdown which was wholeheartedly supported, stated by state government though press release.

Due to the experience of last last lockdown people have learn ,experience and struggle a lot .It said  that despite the exemptions, essential service providers and vechiles on essential duty face harassment from law and enforcing agencies and volunteers.CNCCI  said as community  has been working tielessly and providing essential service so urged the state government to stop all harassment.

CNCCI also disclosed that under Odd-Even system for vehicles in Dimapur, vehicles on essential service duties were imposed fines adding this was “totally uncalled for”.

It said while the need of the hour was to jointly fight the pandemic instead of collecting fines and harassing essential service providers who are braving the pandemic to feed public. CNCCI has requested that the odd-even system and imposition of fine be not applicable to essential service providers.

In the event of the request not being heeded, CNCCI has warned that it would be left with no choice but to direct the DCCI and the affiliated business bodies to “stop essential service system”.

Further, CNCCI said the government had with good intention, exempted construction activities from the lockdown purview as these support thousands of daily wage earners and to ensure that development activities did not ground to a halt.

However, by closing hardware stores, garages, spare parts shops, CNCCI said this has made a mockery of exemption of construction activities. CNCCI has therefore demanded that the above mentioned stores be allowed to open immediately so that construction activities can resume.

CNCCI has also suggested that in Dimapur particularly under Dimapur Municipal area, the above mentioned shops should be permitted to open on Odd-Even number. CNCCI also said shops along the stretch of the Highway from Purana Bazaar to Chumoukedima should be permitted to open as in normal days since shops are far apart from each other and with enough space to maintain SOP. In the light of the above, CNCCI has urged upon the state government to “immediately act upon the suggestion” with all seriousness and urgency.