Google services, including news and search, suffer global outage

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New Delhi: Google's suite of services, notably 'news' and 'search', experienced significant disruptions on Friday. The outage appeared to be affecting consumers across several countries, including India. However, the latest updates and headlines on the page are back on now.

However, Google's search engine appeared to be functioning normally. Reports stated that the majority of disruptions occurred after 4 pm IST, with users encountering error messages and difficulties accessing vital information.

Users who tried to visit Google News faced error messages claiming that the service was unavailable. Attempting the latest updates on Google News displayed results: "Uh-oh! Something went wrong. Please try again."

Google runs around 99,000 search queries per second, which adds up to a whopping 8.5 billion searches a day. Many users on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook expressed their concerns regarding the problem. One user wrote on X “Anybody Notice Google News and Discover Down."

According to statistics from the outage tracking website Downdetector, there were 1,232 reports of people experiencing problems accessing Google services, 70 percent of users reported problems with Google's website, while 28 percent reported issues with Google search, and 4 percent were unable to access 'maps.'

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