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IIT Guwahati forges partnerships to fuel entrepreneurship in Northeast

BNE News Desk , May 27, 2024
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Guwahati: The Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IITG) has informed that it has made "tremendous gains in promoting entrepreneurship and innovation" in the Northeast Indian region through strategic collaborations.

It has recently signed two Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) targeted at strengthening the entrepreneurial environment and encouraging industry-academia collaboration

The first MoU, signed with Assam Startup through the Assam Industrial Infrastructure Development Corporation (AIIDC), demonstrates "a shared commitment to promoting entrepreneurship and impact initiatives", it said.

This collaboration aims to supply businesses with critical resources including technology, industry networks, and investor connections, hence accelerating the startup activity envisioned by the Assam Startup Policy.

IIT Guwahati is also collaborating with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). The second Memorandum of Understanding aims to build a framework for encouraging "entrepreneurial activities in crucial sectors like as agriculture, women's development, and sustainability, thereby contributing to the region's economic progress", the institute said.

Speaking on these collaborations, Professor Devendra Jalihal, Director of IIT Guwahati, expressed delight in the institute's role as a catalyst for innovation, highlighting the joint initiatives aimed at cultivating a "thriving ecosystem for aspiring entrepreneurs."

As part of its commitment to supporting entrepreneurial endeavors, IIT Guwahati also launched a 6-Week residential bootcamp designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs from the Northeast with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the competitive startup landscape.

With its "pioneering initiatives and strategic alliances", the IIT Guwahati said, it is "prepared to create unprecedented growth and collaboration in Northeast India's entrepreneurial scene."

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