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India targets to generate 500 GW of clean power

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New Delhi: The Union Minister for power R K Singh claimed that India has set itself the target of producing 500 gigawatts of power by 2030 through non fossil fuels.

India is among the top 5 major economies in terms of achieving energy transition from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuels.

The minister confirmed that they had pledged to produce 40 percent of capacity through non-fossil fuels by 2030.

However, they have achieved it as early as November 2020.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi has set a higher target for the country to achieve 500 gigawatt power generation.

This is more than 50 percent of our capacity, by 2030 said Singh at a press conference in the backdrop of the ongoing G20 meetings.

Singh said India will sign an MoU with Malaysia for providing efficient street lighting, during the group meeting.

Stressing the importance of transition of energy generation from fossil fuels to non-fossil fuels and non-renewable sources, Singh said achieving affordable storage of energy is critical.

Observing that about eight billion people across the world do not have access to energy.
Singh said that energy transition cannot be achieved without ensuring energy access to all and efficient energy storage.

He said the ongoing group meeting will focus on two major objectives of energy access and energy security.

While emphasizing the need of energy transition, Singh said the dependence on fossil fuel such as coal is inevitable till the efficient means of generation from non-fossil fuel and storage is achieved.

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