International Leo Expo: A global market spot

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Exclusive Coverage by Business-Northeast

21st International Leo Expo 2021, organized by Leo Advertising, started on 29th October and has come to an end on 22nd December.

Mridul Kumar Dutta, the Manager of Leo Advertising, the organising committee member, while giving his insights on Leo Expo, mentions that even though loads of participants have arrived to take part in the event, a declining curve is seen as compared to pre-covid times.

Amidst this lesser number, huge brands from various corners of this country have come to participate like – Hindware, Kutchina, Godrej Interio, and other such MNCs, along with the representatives from countries like Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Thailand as well.
Mr. Mridul in a telephonic conversation also directs to the line that this Expo which got started in Assam in the year 2000 always aims to provide employment opportunities on various grounds hence contributing its part to Assam’s economy.

The International Leo Expo which every year received participants globally id eventually be a market or business spot that makes the entire money, job, trade thing revolves around it also creating s platform for the entrepreneurs and locals to get connected for future ventures.

But, to know more about the Leo Expo, get into the details by watching the full video with business-northeast.

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