Karimganj Car Mechanic turns second hand Maruti Swift Car into Lamborghini Replica

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Karimganj, Assam: For a 30-year-old Nurul Haque, owning a luxury car is a dream next to impossible.

 A second-hand Maruti Swift Car was turned into a replica of Lamborghini. A total of Rs 6.2 lakh was spent in the remaking of the car, Haque says. He didn’t realize till the finishing part that it will cost him so much.

For a motor mechanic who owns a car garage in the Bhanga area of Karimganj district, it was a costly affair for him and took full eight months to complete the project.

However, the imposed lockdown during the pandemic which made him stay at home for days with no work instigated his passion to drive a luxury car with the manufacturing videos on YouTube, his dream turned into reality.

Haque adds, he wants to sell this car if legally approved, he will make more of it, further, a customized replica of a Ferrari can also come up soon.

He says the real worth & value of the car can only be interpreted by sports enthusiasts specifically.

Nurul Haque now feels like a local celebrity after he shared a picture of a Lamborghini replica on social media.