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Local products of India are now becoming global

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Guwahati: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said the government’s emphasis on local products through the Vocal for Local campaign, “One district, one product’ scheme, has also helped in increasing exports. Many of our products are now being exported for the first time to new countries in the world.

“Our local is fast becoming global,” he said citing examples like Sitabhog Mithai being exported to Bahrain, fresh King Chilli of Nagaland to London, fresh Burmese grapes of Assam to Dubai, tribal Mahua products from Chattisgarh to France, and Khumani of Kargil to Dubai,” he said while inaugurating “Vanijya Bhawan’ and launching the NIRYAT portal in Delhi today.

The Prime Minister said that the NIRYAT-National Import-Export for Yearly Analysis of Trade portal will help in breaking silos by providing real-time data to all stakeholders.

“From this portal, important information related to more than 30 commodity groups exported to more than 200 countries in the world will be available.” In the coming time, information related to district-wise exports will also be available on this. “This will also strengthen the efforts to develop the districts as important centers of exports,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister underlined the role of increasing exports in the transition of a country from a developing to a developed country.

The Prime Minister said that in the last eight years, India has also been continuously increasing its exports and achieving its export goals. Better policies to increase exports, ease the process, and take products to new markets, have helped a lot.

He said that today, every ministry, every department of the government is giving priority to increasing exports with a “whole of government’ approach. Be it the Ministry of MSME or the Ministry of External Affairs, Agriculture, or Commerce, all are making common efforts for a common goal. “Exports from new areas are increasing.” Even in many aspirational districts, exports have now increased manifold. The increase in exports of cotton and handloom products by 55 percent shows how the work is being done at the grassroots level, “he pointed out.

The Prime Minister noted that last year, despite the historic global disruptions, India’s exports stood at a total of $ 670 billion, i.e., Rs 50 lakh crore. Last year, the country decided that despite every challenge, it had to cross the threshold of $ 400 billion, i.e., 30 lakh crore in merchandise exports.

We crossed this and created a new record of export of $ 418 billion i.e. 31 lakh crore rupees. “Encouraged by the success of the past years, we have now increased our export targets and have doubled our efforts to achieve them.” “The collective effort of everyone is very necessary to achieve these new goals”, he said, further adding that not only short-term but long-term targets should be set.

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