Meghalaya government advances development agenda: Initiatives on Last-Mile connectivity, bilateral ties

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Shillong: In recent governmental endeavors, Meghalaya is witnessing strides towards addressing pressing socio-economic challenges and fortifying its infrastructure. The administration's multifaceted approach encompasses initiatives aimed at narrowing the digital divide, bolstering diplomatic relations, tackling water scarcity, and fostering technological innovation.Amidst efforts to ensure comprehensive connectivity, the Meghalaya government has earmarked 30 strategic locations across the state for last-mile connectivity. This move seeks to extend essential services to remote areas, thereby bridging the digital gap and fostering inclusive development.

The India-Bhutan Foundation convened a significant meeting, led by Maj. Gen. V. Namgyel, Bhutan's Ambassador to India, and Sudhakar Dalela, India's Ambassador to Bhutan. Deliberations centered on fortifying bilateral ties encompassing trade, cultural exchange, and tourism, underscoring the commitment to mutual prosperity and cooperation.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma chaired a crucial meeting addressing the persistent water crisis plaguing various regions of the state. Discussions also encompassed progress on the Umiam dam construction and strategies to ensure the structural integrity of the Umiam Bridge, crucial for regional connectivity and safety.

Additionally, Chief Minister Sangma assured the public of measures being taken for the safety and stability of the Umiam Bridge. The current demand for internet bandwidth is 39,130 TB/month at 15.5 Gbps, while the projected demand for the next five years is 4-5 lakh TB/month at 200 Gbps. The department is working to meet demand. The officials also informed the Chief Minister that the department is working to establish Shillong as an international internet hub.

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