N.F. Railway continues consistent growth in freight during November

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Guwahati: N.F. Railway continues consistent growth in freight during November

Freight offloading continues to increase steadily, according to N.F. Railway.

The number of freight carrying rakes discharged from April to November of the current fiscal year was 9547, an increase of 11.33% over the same period in 2016. In all, 1230 freight-carrying rakes were unloaded in November 2022, representing an increase of around 11.1% from the same month last year.

Throughout the month, N.F. Railway moved commodities such FCI rice, sugar, salt, edible oil, food grains, fertiliser, cement, coal, vegetables, tanks, and containers, and unloaded them at various goods sheds under its control.

In November 2022, 330 of the 664 rakes of freight-carrying trains that were unloaded in Assam were loaded with necessities. In the course of the month, 116 rakes were unloaded in Tripura, 28 in Nagaland, 9 in Manipur, 7 in Arunachal Pradesh, and 4 in Mizoram. Additionally, during the month under N's control, 241 freight rakes were unloaded in West Bengal and 161 freight rakes were unloaded in Bihar. Railway, F.

Reduction in turnaround time and an increase in unloading were the results of improved terminal handling facilities and increased mobility due to improved maintenance efforts and continuous monitoring at all levels.

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