Nagaland Governor urges state's graduates to use skills for 'greater good'

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Kohima: La Ganesan, Nagaland's Governor, pon Wednesday called on students in the state to use their knowledge and skills for the "greater good."

Ganesan made the remark while gracing the convocation program of ICFAI University as chief guest at the university auditorium at Sovima village in Chumoukedima on Wednesday.

He congratulated 414 young scholars and 32 gold medallists, including the recipient of the Certificate of Merit for exemplary performance. He emphasized the urgent need for young minds to lead in the rapidly evolving job market, encouraging them to embrace entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ganesan also stressed the importance of upholding high ethical standards in both professional and personal life, including honesty, integrity, and courage to stand up for what is right. He encouraged students to engage in volunteer work, participate in civic activities, or work on projects addressing societal issues like inequality, environmental sustainability, or healthcare.

He emphasized that as graduates, they have moral obligations across both personal and societal dimensions, fostering a commitment to using their knowledge and skills responsibly for the greater good. He hoped that these graduates would lead with responsibility, ethical conduct, and a commitment to societal progress.

The future of India's economy and society rests in the capable hands of these graduates, who will contribute with responsibility, ethical conduct, and a commitment to societal progress. "Their innovation, creativity, and resilience will chart the course of the nation's journey towards development and prosperity", he stressed.

In conclusion, the Governor urged all students to step forward with courage, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence. The knowledge they gained will fuel their passions, and dreams, inspire innovation, and contribute significantly to our shared vision for a developed India by 2047.

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