North East Small Finance Bank raises interest in fixed deposits. Details here

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Guwahati: The North East Small Finance Bank (NESFB) will enhance fixed deposit (FD) plans, it said in a statement.

The bank, which is the first small finance bank in the Northeast Indian region, will now offer FD rates of up to 8.50% for the general public and 9.25% for senior persons.

"NESFB's latest FD rates reinforce the bank's pledge to foster financial security and prosperity, aligning with the bank's mission to empower its customers, particularly senior citizens in the Northeast community", the bank said in a release.

NESFB's expanded fixed deposit rates will offer regular people with 7.75 percent interest rates for 506-1095 days, while senior citizens will receive 8.50 percent interest for the same period.

NESFB introduces a variety of FD plans to cater to diverse customer needs.


Regular Citizen upto INR 5 Cr*

Senior Citizen*

366 - 1095 Days



400 days- Special Scheme



555 days- Special Scheme



1111 Days- Special Scheme



                                                                                             *T&C applicable

The interest rate for a 400-day special plan will be 8.40% for normal consumers and 9.15% for seniors. Similarly, the bank will pay 1.50 percent interest on FDs to normal clients for 555 days, and 9.25 percent to elderly persons for the same time.

The interest rate for the 1111-day special program will be 18.50% for normal people and 9.25% for elderly citizens.

The bank provides interest rates ranging from 3.25% to 8.50% for common people with terms ranging from 7 days to 10 years. 

Satish Kumar Kalra, managing director and CEO of NESFB, said, "We stay committed to helping our community and positively impacting the financial environment."

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