Now, fly to Bangkok directly from Guwahati

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Guwahati: Bangkok and Guwahati were directly connected by Thai Air Asia as the first flight took off from here on Friday night.

The flight landed at the Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi International (LGBI) airport in Guwahati at 11.10 pm with 56 passengers on board. On the same day, at 11.40 pm, it left for Bangkok with 97 passengers.

The flight will transport passengers thrice a week: on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. From Guwahati, the flight will take off at 11.40 pm and land in Bangkok at around 2.15 pm Indian time, which will be early in the morning in Thailand. 

In the future, the same airline will connect Guwahati to other Asian tourist hotposts such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Indonesia, said an official release.

"Our airport has marched ahead with this new connection towards becoming a hub [for transport] to the South East Asian countries”, Guwahati airport CAO Utpal Baruah said. “It will give a fillip to the tourism industry in this region. All, airport, airline, government and other stakeholders should work jointly to make this route sustainable."

The inauguration ceremony was attended by several dignitaries from India and Thailand.

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