Petrol prices in Meghalaya hold steady despite nationwide fluctuation

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Shillong: Petrol prices have remained relatively stable over the past 10 days in Meghalaya, with today's rate at Rs 95.86 per litre. The fluctuation has been minimal, ranging from a high of Rs 95.89 to a low of Rs 95.79 per litre during this period. Since 2017, fuel rates have been revised daily at 6 am by leading oil companies, reflecting global cues and local demand.

The price of petrol in Meghalaya is subject to a multitude of influences, ranging from global to domestic factors. Global dynamics, such as fluctuations in Brent crude oil prices and the rupee to US dollar exchange rate, play a significant role. Supply-chain issues also contribute to price volatility.

Across the nation, however, the disparity in petrol prices is evident. Hyderabad tops the list with the highest rate at Rs 107.41 per litre, while Port Blair enjoys the lowest price at Rs 82.42 per litre. Andhra Pradesh recorded the highest rate today at Rs 109.42 per litre, while Andaman and Nicobar Islands saw the lowest at Rs 82.42 per litre on Tuesday.

Domestically, changes in excise duty or state taxes directly impact petrol prices. Moreover, shifts in demand patterns and other domestic conditions influence pricing decisions. Gross refining margins and dealer commissions are additional factors considered in determining petrol prices in Meghalaya.

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